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Our Man On Wall Street

Have your PPM, Power Point, Pitch Deck, Business Plan or Exec summary ready to go? Looking for funding or a merger or acquisition or to be taken public by a major firm?

All you need now is someone to pitch it to a Broker Dealer, Fund or Family Office.

Our Man On Wall Street will do just that.

Our Man On Wall Street is a 20+ year Investment Banking veteran who moved to Wall Street three years ago and has been adding to his extensive contact list ever since. He is so dedicated to this program that last year he took and passed his Series 82 exam NOT to get his license but just to be able to talk to the investment banking community better. Besides fundings, our Man On Wall Street has completed transactions of all types with his Wall Street buddies including reverse mergers, mergers/acquisitions and public listings both US and Europe.

Here is what our new WALL STREET PITCH service can do for you. You have your materials and you are ready to start pitching brokers, funds, etc. Submit your package along with a $1000 review fee to Artfield. Within a few short days you will then get one of the following actions:

  • 1) Our Man On Wall Street will review your package. If it is not strong enough to pitch to the Wall Street boys, he will tell you so and more importantly rather than just a vague “not interested” that the Wall Street boys would give you, he will tell you exactly why your package does not cut the mustard and make recommendations of exactly what you have to change or add or revise in order to get the Wall Street boys to look at your package seriously; or
  • 2) If you package is acceptable as is, our Man On Wall Street will start pitching your deal to Wall Street. Here you will get feedback from specific firms and if they reject your package, our Man On Wall Street will tell you exactly why and what they said you would have to do for them to be interested; or
  • 3) If you package is received with interest, our Man On Wall Street will start negotiating* your deal and/or make introductions for you to meet the firms etc. During negotiations if there are rough spots of disagreement our Man On Wall Street will give you specific feedback on what you have to do to make a deal.

This is an invaluable service that can save you months of time in your fund raising efforts. Our Man On Wall Street has developed relationships with hundreds of firms that he can potentially take your project to. And whether you get critical feedback, that helps you quickly revise your project to be more presentable, or positive feedback that leads to a deal, either way you will shave time off of your fund raising, merger/acquisition or going public efforts by going right to the heart of America’s Investment banking community and having a professional represent your pitch.

You spent a lot of money professionally preparing your package, now its time to professionally pitch your package. Our Man On Wall Street will do just that.

Before you submit your info for the program or your review payment of $1000 please read the following carefully, we don’t want you wasting your time and ours or wasting your money unless you have the capacity to follow through with a Wall Street Broker or Fund who is interested in you. WALL STREET BROKERS DO NOT WORK FOR FREE! Many people think that they do.

Here is how they typically work. Say you want to raise $10,000,000 – $50,000,000. The cost to do a money raise for the broker is about $250,000 to $500,000. What they will usually do is prepare a Reg D 506/506 first for say $500,000 in order to pay the expenses of the full raise. You will have to engage the Wall Street Broker for a fee of around $25,000 to $50,000 in order for them to do the Reg D 505/506. Other times they may want a monthly retainer of a few thousand dollars per month to put together debt financing. So the bottom line is if you are totally broke forget Wall Street and go raise some money somewhere else first and come back when you can afford to go to Wall Street.

Wall Street Brokers typically also have income requirements. Usually you must have at least $500,000 in revenues to even begin canvassing Wall Street or forget it. Many brokers require much more and others have EBITDA requirements. So if you are a complete startup forget Wall Street for now.

Now if you don’t meet the above minimum requirements but you still want our Man On Wall Street to review your package with the intent of advising you on what you will need to do to eventually qualify for canvassing Wall Street with some luck, then he will do that. We just don’t want you thinking that you have a chance for immediate success on Wall Street when you  don’t.


*If negotiations are desired in addition to introductions, additional compensation upon completion of successful negotiations may be required.

†  Man On Wall Street – is a trademark of Artfield Investments RD Inc.

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