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To our friends and associates,


As some of you may know, one of the PUBLIC COMPANY SERVICES we have been rendering through our various associates, for a few years now is MEDIA RELATIONS and MEDIA PLACEMENT services. I have been asked by several of you, What is MEDIA RELATIONS and MEDIA PLACEMENT?



            Your public company’s STOCK SYMBOL

            Your public company’s WEBSITE

            Your public company’s  PHONE ORDER LINE #


placed into a favorable Newspaper Article (NOT an AD) about your company and placed (MEDIA PLACEMENT) in a daily, weekly, monthly NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINE, or Ezine (Internet magazine) etc.


NEWSPAPER ARTICLES have much more creditability to people than newspaper ads, SPAM, junk faxes, etc.


Often times if you have a great product and a favorable Newspaper article that gives out  your Order #, website, stock symbol, etc. right in the article, the article results in DIRECT ORDERS, increased WEBSITE traffic and STOCK activity as soon as the article appears.


NOW I am not talking about getting 1 or 2 articles published in 1 or 2 newspapers a year as PUBLIC RELATIONS specialists are known to do. I am talking about getting your articles in 100s or 1000s of Newspaper, Magazines, etc. That is why we refer to it as MEDIA RELATIONS as opposed to what the PR guys do.


NOR are we talking about HYPING your stock as INVESTOR RELATIONS guys do. (Investor relations "hype" type of articles would not even be published by any NEWSPAPER or MAGAZINE that we know of.) We are talking about simply describing what your company does and its products, and getting your stock symbol, website, and phone order number published along with the article (something that is usually hard to get newspapers to do.) If you have a good company, and good products that are interesting to the public, well of course people will read the article and want to know more by checking out your stock symbol, website, or even calling to order your product or services.


NOW the problem in the past is that a MEDIA RELATIONS program is very expensive. Usually contracts are for $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 dollars for a 6 month to one year program.


RECENTLY, however, we have brought this tool into a more affordable and immediate usage range.


Individual articles can NOW be placed for you for as little as $1000 to $10,000 per article. SO rather than having to pay $1,000,000 up front for a 6 month campaign, you can budget to utilize this tool on a weekly or monthly basis and test it out and refine it until it works for you. You can also use it in conjunction with other campaigns to:

DEVELOP YOUR IMAGE (Companies talked about in Newspapers, and the authors of those articles are given much more credence and respect than companies and authors who send out SPAM and FAXES and ADS.


DEVELOP YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC – articles published on Ezine and other internet publishing sites give you back links to your website and can increase your SEARCH ENGINE position as well as bring direct traffic and customers to your website.


DEVELOP YOUR ORDER LINE TRAFFIC. – published articles can often result in traffic over your order lines. By publishing many articles discussing different features or aspects of your company’s products you can also discover and survey which products, benefits, etc. people are more responsive to, almost immediately. (Feedback starts in a couple of days)




There is NO question about it. Getting an articles published about your company, in the LA Times, Fresno Bee, St. Louis Post, etc. has a much greater reach than most internet articles. This of course would be the ultimate goal of a MEDIA RELATIONS and PLACEMENT strategy.


The internet, however, can be used as a development ground to test out articles, and to develop "image" as well as to develop traffic to the company’s website and to increase the website’s position in the search engines.


Getting articles published on the internet is a lot cheaper than major newspapers.




-INTERNET (Introductory prices – for a limited time only)


Set Up Account and first article — $1000 per author and website identity. This is for distribution only. (You supply a 750-1250 word article – However, ghost-writing services also available for an additional fee.)  Article gets distributed to a minimum of  200 internet article distribution sites (may be as many as 500+) which usually results in anywhere from 100 to 25,000 back links on Google. (Guarantee at least 100 or we will distribute again no charge)


Subsequent articles (for same author and website identity) $500.00 each




No set up fee.


$10,000 per author and company identity. This is for distribution only. (You supply a 350 word article and one picture – However, ghost writing services also available for an additional fee.)  Articles are guaranteed to be picked up by at least 100 print media and newspapers. However, on the average 600+ newspapers pick up articles and this figure can go as high as 8000+.


Volume discounts are available for prepaid articles. (For example 12 articles for $100,000 if prepaid.)


Of course we still have the larger packages for $1,000,000 on up for larger campaigns. And we also have RADIO and TV Media Relation packages available.


If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us at:  mediaservices@artfieldinvestmentsrdinc.


For All of your INCORPORATING needs contact Samuel Wierdlow Inc. (

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