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Well you have heard about all those success stories and probably even more failure stories associated with Crowd Funding platforms like  Kickstarter, or  Indiegogo  or RocketHub;

But if you’re looking for investors, you need to first prepare and perfect your campaign before you use one of those crowdfunding platforms.

We have found the solution: Wazgo: Where You Go to Succeed in Crowdfunding. Prepare Your Campaign and Set Yourself Up for Success. CROWD FUNDING

Get Crowdfunding the Wazgo Way! Prepare Your Best Crowdfunding Campaign Ever on Wazgo

01 Build Your Base
“Successful crowd funding campaigns get their first 20% to 30% of funding from friends, family and existing contacts.” says Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin. “Once that goal is hit, we see strangers jump in and fund the rest.” Wazgo gets your 20% to 30% ready, plus gives you professional help.

02 Perfect Your Pitch
Practice makes perfect. Your pitch and your perks can make or break your crowdfunding. Perfect your pitch on Wazgo.

03 More Funding, More Fans
Launch your campaign with a bunch of eager followers so you start off with a bang and get more funding. Added bonus: More people know about your business, meaning more profits for you.

Investors get excited about your idea, you get money, and they get a return on their investment.

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